Happy New Year! Maybe I’m being pessimistic here, but no matter how high our hopes for 2011 are there will still be awful days. The days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed after sleeping through your alarm, when you use salt instead of sugar, when you get a flat tire, or when you get pulled over for speeding and the cops find all of your children in the backseat  with duct tape across their mouths. (It’s been brought to my attention that if I don’t follow up this comment with “Just kidding!” someone will actually think I roll around town with my childrens mouths covered with duct tape. So, to appease those humorless masses: Just kidding!) When I’m having a bad day, there are a few go-to things that will cheer me right up.

First things first, I look at the following pictures:




Love them! Secondly, if those pictures don’t make me smile it’s an emergency so I need to get some coffee (just a drop or two of creamer for color).

Delish. Now that I have my coffee I will go straight to YouTube.

If thinkin’ about Peter in the purk being ambushed by this crazy woman doesn’t make me smile, I will then move to the baby belly laughs. Surely that will work!

Yeah. That definitely works. However, I will continue with a list of things that might also work in extreme circumstances.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
Gummi Bears (the white ones are my favorite)
Call my sister
Making homemade bread (the kneading is the best part)
Look for new tattoos (that you’ll never actually get)
Hot bath (No children allowed in the bathroom)
Read a book
Drink hot chocolate
Do all of these things at once for maximum effectiveness.


Lets do this year well. What do you do when things are bad? Let me know! I might need to use your tactics some day.