Jacob: Mom is trying to get a job right now.
Me: Oh yeah?
Jacob: Yeah. She said that she’s looking. She just can’t find a job.
Me: It shouldn’t be too hard if she REALLY looks for a job.
Christina: Oh, it is, though. She has to find a job that she’s good at.
Me: Yeah. That’s important.
Christina: Mom’s not good at a LOT of jobs, but she’d be good at…
Jacob: Christina, be quiet! Yes, she’s good at a LOT of things!
Me: Then, what kind of a job do you think Maggie would be good at?
Jacob: A garbage woman.
Christina: No, Jacob. Mom always makes YOU take out the trash.
Jacob: Well, yeah. Sarah, can a person get paid to MAKE trash?

This was our dinner conversation. It made me want to laugh until I cried, but Jacob and Christina were genuinely concerned with this. I figured I’d be respectful.