I believe I’ve mentioned before my addiction to Tastespotting. It really is a delicious addiction I have. During the Christmas season everyone was featuring their Christmas cookies and candies. I don’t need Christmas candies or cookies, so I didn’t make any of the cookies or candies that I saw.

Oreo Truffles. Doesn’t that sound faaaantastic? I have a friend who is getting rid of all the sugary snacks at her house and she just happens to have LOTS of Oreos. She asked me if I wanted them and I refused. “No way! The kids would be begging me constantly for a snack!” Fast forward 12 hours and I just woke up and I’m surfing Tastespotting. I run across this a foodie’s dream blog. The Food Addicts. They’ve got some amazing photography, amazing food, and I’d just LOVE to sit down with them and have some tea one afternoon, but only if they made lots of snacky snacks for us too. I found THIS. Oreo Truffles. I was intrigued and did a little investigation. This recipe only uses 3 ingredients.

Oreos. Yum.
Cream Cheese. Yum.
Cocoa Powder. Yummmmm!

If my friend hasn’t already tossed her Oreos, I fully intend to make these soon and when I do, you will hear about them.

Go leave some love on The Food Addicts page.

Update: I forgot to credit this picture to The Food Addicts. That’s all them, homies. I already let you know my camera isn’t great! …and I still haven’t made them, so I clearly wouldn’t have a picture of them yet.