I have no ideas for this blog post, so I’m going to ramble for you all.

Christina and I were headed home from her school today and had a conversation that went like this:
Christina: Why do I not ice skate?
Me: Well, I’d imagine it’s because you don’t have ice skates or anywhere to do it.
Christina: I need ice.
Me: Yes. You do.
Christina: Where are you going to put it?
Me: What? Where am I going to put what?
Christina: The ice! I need it to do ice skating! It needs to be put in the perfect spot!
Me: Where is the perfect spot?
Christina: On my bed! Right in the center of my bed! It needs to be not too cold, and not too hot.
Me: I have a couple issues with what you just said.
Christina: OOOOkay, Maybe it can be warm.
Me: Christina, you know that ice is frozen water, right?
Christina: (very disappointed) Oh yeah. I did know that.

You know that feeling when you just “click” with someone? Everything flows well, conversation is effortless, jokes are funny, and you just can’t hang up the phone when you’re talking to them because you just don’t want the conversation to end. Scott and I haven’t been clicking. There’s such a distance between us physically and emotionally. I hope the entire deployment isn’t like this. It hurts my heart a little bit, because I don’t know how to make it better. I really miss him.

I’m watching Teen Mom. Shut up. You know you watch it too.

This was not a great blog post.