I picked Jacob up from school and as soon as he jumped into the van he said, “Sarah, I wrote a song called The Death Boogie and I want you to help me make it on the internet.” Surely I had misheard him. ” I’m sorry. I don’t think I heard you correctly. Did you say The Desk Boogie?” He looked me straight in the eyes with a look that said he thought i was stupid “No, Sarah. Just listen to the words.” He started reciting these words in a yelling, growl-y sound that scared the crap out of me. “DEATH BOOGIE. THIS IS MY GRAVE. THE DEVILS WILL RISE AND HUNT YOU DOWN TO BRING YOU BACK TO HELL.” Oh my God! What the crap?! He’s SEVEN! He continued, “So, Sarah. Do you like it? I want you to help me turn this into a song on the internet. In the background I want to hear screaming and (I kid you not… this is what he said) THE SOUND OF A WOMAN GETTING PUNCHED A LOT. Can you help me make it?”

The following was my response: