I got the kids all ready to go this morning. We listened to music and had a dance party, as well! As I was putting Owen into his car seat I noticed a silly little aching in the right side of my back. I call it silly because it’s annoying, but it will not interrupt my day. It will have to try a little harder to get me down!

Fast forward about 20 minutes. Jacob is at school and we just got home. I’m unbuckling Owen from his carseat and that silly little ache is being obnoxious again. Obnoxious, but not devastating.

Fast forward 10 seconds. I have just tried to pick Owen up from his carseat and my back is simply not working. The silly, obnoxious pain has turned devastating. I hobbled over to the couch, contorting my back to discover the most pleasing position for my back. There is no pleasing position. I am on the verge of tears right now. It hurts so badly and I haven’t even really STARTED my day. Christina and Aden together have located my giant horse pills of ibuprofen and some water. I’m just waiting for relief. It must come soon.