Jacob, despite his scaring me every once in a while, has been displaying some appreciation for great music lately. I’m not including the Death Boogie in this, because that was downright scary to me. Tighten Up by The Black Keys came on the radio and Jacob said this:

“My very good question for The Black Keys is this: How do you make such great music? The background sounds really good with the singing.”

…And his music teacher gave him a 2 in music analysis and appreciation. *insert tongue-sticking-outage here* I think her problem is that she’s not letting him listen to any GOOD music. And how can she, in good conscience, GRADE someone on how they appreciate music? I’m all for keeping music classes in school, but I think the class should be graded differently. Perhaps, does the student participate in activities? Does the student enjoy himself in the class? Is the student paying attention and following direction? Jacob’s teacher ACTUALLY grades him on his singing abilities. She had the gall to write on his report card “Jacob sings off-key and not as well as I would expect.” SERIOUSLY?! Some people just don’t have the gift or interest!

Anyhow, here’s the Black Keys. The video made me laugh. Out loud.