I have already gulped down my first 3 cups of coffee, but I’ve got a lot on my list for today, so I’ll most likely need a little more.

Yesterday my horoscope said that I should spend this day accomplishing the mundane tasks to free up my time for more interesting things. I don’t regularly follow my horoscope, but I’ve been doing this thing lately when I will lay in bed for a VERY long time before ever actually getting the urge to fall asleep, so I was wasting my time on the silly little things the phone can do. One of those is a horoscope, and well… I liked what it had to say, so I’m going to free up my time for more interesting things. Here’s what I need to do today:

1.) My friend Jenn is starting school and needs to go to a meeting today so I’m watching her son, Ayden. He’s fantastic to watch. He listens to me and is rather sweet and helpful. The PROBLEM I have with watching him is that MY kids, who usually have a good grasp of the rules and know that they should listen to me, seem to think that all the rules are tossed to the wind as soon as a new child is in the house. I yell a lot when Ayden is at our house, and for that reason, I think he might be afraid of me.

2.) I need to fold the laundry. Half of it is already washed, but I really need to get it folded… even though it will just end up in heaps on the children’s floor… I need it to be folded first. I still can’t really think of a reason why, but I’d feel bad sorting it into crumpled piles of clothes and asking them to try to shove them into their drawers.

3.) I need to get Scott’s Valentines Care package sent out. It will be our first Valentines as a married couple and he will be gone. It’s a shame, but it’s a good thing I’ve never given Valentines day too much importance. I’ve had some awful ones, and I threw myself a pity party on those days and then realized that being single all the other days of the year hadn’t ever been such a burden to me so why should I let it be on Valentines Day?

4.) I should buy some formula.


This is an ice bunting. I read about it on Ohdeedoh. It would be so wonderful to make this! How pretty and colorful it is!

(This picture was ripped straight from Ohdeedoh.)


Update: I’m fairly sure I have loaded my plate with more than I can eat.