Well, the husband is back and it is absolutely wonderful.
I’ve been in a funk, though.
It’s absolutely difficult to have full control of everything, finances, discipline, scheduling, the remote control, etc for a full year and then just learn how to divvy everything up evenly between the both of us again.
I’ve been struggling with this and I have been very anxiety-driven about all of it.
I can’t say why, because I don’t know why.
When anxiety wants to be there, it will be there.
There’s no telling when it will show up, and there’s no way of knowing when it will decide to leave.
I’ve been a different person since Scott has come home, but he’s been supportive of me and sweet and patient and he has kind words for me when i don’t deserve them.
He really is too good for me.
I hit the jackpot when I married him.
Yesterday I got to sleep in and I got breakfast in bed.
This morning in my pre-coffee, grumpy, ugly-acting mood, I got a morning kiss and a “Don’t worry, I’ll take them to school…”
How did I do this without him?
I love that man.